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This is your chance to make a BIG difference for small inventors. The Senate PATENT Act would help big corporations that want to pay less for other people’s technology and hurt small inventors. The bill treats all patent holders like trolls, while letting patent infringers make out like bandits. The “customer stay” provision would let big infringers tie up small inventors in court for years, putting them out of business.

Let’s make sure all inventors and innovators are protected, not just the big guys.

Our opposition is still fighting hard to pass the fatal patent legislation – the House’s Innovation Act, H.R.9 and the Senate’s PATENT Act, S.1137 (if you are a new reader and need background information, go here and here). Our rights as inventors are definitely still in danger.

An article just came out in The Economist, a highly regarded magazine, that is totally on the wrong side (see here). We need to leave comments to counter this article. Start with something like “I am an inventor” or “I am a patent attorney” so anyone reading will know quickly that you are a stakeholder. Also, go to the comments later and hit “recommend” for the good comments – this will bring them to the top. Here’s the article. Thanks for your help.

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An Overview of What’s Going on with HR 9 & SR 1137 (click to view)

FLIER explaining the basics by The Independent Inventors of America (click to view)

 Resources & Support:

Independent Inventors of America – Created to educate, inform and protect the independent inventor. The Founding Members are the heads of non-profit inventors groups nationwide. Right now, we face a serious threat. With the stated purpose of curtailing frivolous litigation, legislation is being pushed that will make it virtually impossible for an independent inventor to defend a patent against theft.

US Inventors – Brings together the best and brightest innovators of today to help the best and brightest innovators of tomorrow. We teach, promote, and defend the invention process and business methods involved in taking an idea, making a profit, and changing lives.

Innovation Alliance – The Innovation Alliance is a coalition of research and development-based technology companies representing innovators, patent owners, and stakeholders from a diverse range of industries that believe in the critical importance of maintaining a strong patent system that supports innovative enterprises of all sizes.

We support measures to improve patent quality and curb excessive litigation costs for all users of the patent system.  Local chapters exist throughout the United States, including Tampa, FL

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