President’s Introduction

President’s Introduction:

As a refounded non-profit organization in 2015, we welcome you to our organization and look forward to meeting you and helping you pursue your ideas and dreams in the safest and most productive way possible!  We exist as a group of inventors, product innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and curious minds with the goal to help each other take our ideas from cocktail napkin to finished product or process!  We have members who have done it all who and others with nothing but an interest, and are here to share their experience and meet other like-minded people like yourself!

This is why I became involved in a previous Inventor’s Association, and have banded with members of our community to take this collective process to the next level!!  We believe that with an organized and effective organization, each of our ideas can go far beyond just the monthly meetings by linking you with the exact information, answers, and people to help make your next great idea a reality!  The process is and should be enjoyable rather than limited by protective fear of losing your idea.

See our “ABOUT US” Page for details

With so much out there to consider, we are here to help you protect your idea while checking on market viability, patent/copyright/trademark protection, licensing and production opportunities, and so much more!  There are a vast amount of resources out there available to us all, however some are cleverly disguised “Inventor’s” companies.  Without naming names, I would suggest that you ask questions of them (and of us) before spending money if that is what they are asking for.  Our goal is to help educate and support ideas of all sizes and ages to bring ideas to practice while you make $$$!

As we continue to grow as an organization, we are holding monthly meetings for general membership as well as board and subcommittee meetings.  As we have started with nothing but experience and aspirations, donations are being graciously accepted.  Membership is as simple as a $5 donation per meeting or annual membership, done online or by attending one of our monthly meetings!

We are share DAILY information and updates on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  Please give us a LIKE and subscribe to see and learn more!!  Information is also being added here on our LINKS & INFO page

Please have a look around and feel free to leave a comment or email us at:

On behalf of our board of directors, I thank you for your interest!  We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Matt Stieg

President, Edison Innovators Association