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Monthly Networking Meetup

10/25 @ The IMAG History & Science Center

7:00 – 9:00 pm

2000 Cranford Ave

Fort Myers, FL


Join members of the EIA at this informal FREE social meetup where you can find and share help in bringing ideas to market!  There is no formal agenda or schedule like our regular meetings, just an opportunity to meet and talk freely with other inventors, entrepreneurs, product developers, patent holders, marketers, manufacturers, distributors, prototypers, patent attorneys, mentors, etc.  Ask questions, share your story, practice giving your elevator pitch, network, and find resources for moving your idea or business forward.  Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) will be provided or you can bring your own.

FREE Pizza provided by Downtown House of Pizza.  Refreshments also provided.

Monthly Board Meeting

Nov 2nd, 2017

7:00 pm

The IMAG History & Science Center

7:00 – 9:00 pm

2000 Cranford Ave

Fort Myers, FL

Monthly General Meeting

Nov 9th, 2017

Joins us for Live Discussion with Carlos Cabrera, the Modern Successful Inventor of MyHibachi BBQ

6:30 pm Networking

7:00 – 9:00 pm Meeting

The IMAG History & Science Center

7:00 – 9:00 pm

2000 Cranford Ave

Fort Myers, FL





Previous Meetings:

OCTOBER 10/12/17:


SEPTEMBER 9/21/17:


AUGUST 8/10/17:  My Cool Inventions & My Cool Gadgets

Bonnie Skifstad of “My Cool Inventions” & “My Cool Gadgets” is coming down from Tampa/St. Pete!  She reviewed all that’s been going on to help inventors and entrepreneurs bring their products to market.

Topics covered:  Get your idea to market faster; Legally protect your invention; Make the most profits from your idea; Explore prototyping and manufacturing; Stretch your budget; Finance your project; Get you & your product on their radio & TV show FREE!

JULY 7/13/17:  Johnny Georges: A Real Shark Tank Success 

Johnny joined us in person and told his story of how he brought the Tree T-Pee to farms worldwide. Shark Tank was a big part, but FAR from the only factor to his success.

Voted my numerous publications as one of “the most inspiring pitches in Shark Tank history”, Johnny is a true gentleman and down-to-earth compassionate man who jumped at the chance to help our organization! Join the crowd and hear firsthand the ups & downs of building an idea into a major market success!


JUNE 6/8/17:  Crowdfunding: the Myths & Realities of Raising $$$ for your Ideas

Jim returned to us and discussed the ins & outs of Crowdfunding through various sites:

  • How to Set Up a Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Secrets to a Successful Campaign
  • Creating the “Buzz” and Keeping Momentum Before, During, & After
  • Getting People to Donate; including Goals & Reward Levels
  • Delivering on Promises
  • Top Strategies & Success Stories shared

MAY 5/11/17:  Open Discussion & Direct Assistance Meeting

APRIL 4/14/17:  Website Marketing for Your Product or Idea 

EIA’s own webmaster John Smith lead an interactive discussion while discussing many aspects of marketing online:

  • How to create your website to display & network your product
  • What you can do yourself to save time & money
  • What to ask for from those you’re considering hiring
  • Helpful links, tools, and resources provided

MARCH 3/9/17:  An Interactive Experience 

Several members of the EIA presented information on several topics and discussion while learning various tools & tricks of the trade:

  • How to write your provisional patent application with professional help for FREE!
  • $20k Idea Generation contest, and others like it
  • How to REALLY search for prior art before spending time & money
  • How to NAME your product or business
  • The “All-In Startup” concept
  • Trademarking
  • USPTO help
  • Manufacturing details & goodies a plenty
  • Personal & Idea SWOT analysis

FEBRUARY 2/16/17:  Pitching to Buyers & Getting Into Retail – All Things Considered 

Jim Debetta of Debetta Enterprises will be broadcasting his webinar directly with us! Jim returned again in 2017 after presenting with us last March on acquiring licensing deals with companies, which was a fantastic experience.  Jim has served under Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington as his VP of “TV Goods” Retail Distribution.

Jim has since appeared on Season 2 of CNBC’s hit show “Make Me a Millionaire Inventor” as an investor-mentor (see episode here).  Jim also broadcasts and interacts directly with the Facebook Group of nearly 18,000 Entrepreneurs and Innovators called Entrepreneur Exchange (formerly Shark Tank Entrepreneurs) (click to join for free).

 JANUARY 1/12/17:  How Planning Your Product – All Things Considered 

Erik Stafford of Stafford Marketing gave a highly interactive experience involving the challenging prospect of turning an idea into reality.  Planning needs including needs such as a logo, a website, a business plan, a Facebook page, approaching investors and gaining capital, a blog?, a patent, copyright, or trademark, business cards, establishing a business entity, etc.

Among these and many more potential needs, which are often new experiences for an inventor, Erik shared several concepts that will help you turn your big idea into a big reality in 2017.  The group discussed planning holistically from Purpose (the Why) to Path (the How), to Plan (the What).

* Finding clarity and focus on what’s next…

* Developing a deep understanding of who your audience is…

* Creating a blueprint for getting your product out into the world this year.


NOVEMBER 11/18/16:  How To Get Help for Your Business from Academia: Cost bill-browerEffective Assistance from Professors

Dr. Bill Brower, Professor Emeritus & former Associate Dean for Research of the College of Engineering, Marquette University discussed: How to search and find the right connections; How to approach them professionally and get the help you need; Ensuring you’ve done your own homework first to save $ and their time & efforts on initial investigation steps; and Moving up the chain of expertise from local to international.

OCTOBER 10/18/16:  Tech Tools II – Market Testing Your Idea

James May returned for a second installment of Internet tools to market and increase awareness of your business and website with various tools including a review of an active business website’s Google Analytics & Adwords Keyword Planning tools to easily track & increase your customers traffic and optimize use experiences and sales.  Dozens of helpful websites were also reviewed and given in a handout that one can use to test a website developer’s previous experience before hiring as well as increase money-saving skills you can do yourself!

SEPTEMBER 9/8/16:  Anti- How to use Google Tools, Landing pages, Split A/B Testing and more to Validate Your Product’s Market.

James May is a retired Digital Marketing Consultant / Entrepreneur / Adviser / Mentor / Trainer who has been working with B2C, B2B startups and well established companies of many sizes since 1995.  His focus is on data driven customer acquisition, user interface design and conversion optimization using paid search, SEO, web analytics and other methods and tools.  James has years experience from Silicon Valley to remote working across the country and SWFL and graciously shared a great deal of it with us.  We discussed various means of applying ideas and intellectual property with initial market assessment strategies.

AUGUST 8/11/16:  Anti-Terrorism Innovation: RVEV – Rapidly Deployable Entrypoint Vehicle

Mike Davis has years of experience as an expert in forced entry and ballistics, and safety containment for the private and public sectors including nuclear power plants, government facilities, and various personal and large scale protection technology solutions.

JULY 6/7/16:  United States Patent and Trademark Office  Mindy Bickel USPTO headshot

Associate Commissioner of Innovation Development Ms. Mindy Bickel traveled to us from Washington DC and presented the current landscape and culture of patents as they exist today.  She reviewed types of intellectual property, the application process, and several assistance programs offered through the USPTO including one for first time filers.  We hope to have her back again next year!

JUNE 6/9/16:  Product Ideas:  Design to Delivery 

Warren Schirado, CEO and  Rodrigo Leon, Co-Founder d presented a massive amount of information on conceptualizing your idea with consideration of short term (prototyping) design to that which makes large scale manufacturing possible.  Warren is an expert in packaging, with a specialization in plastics.  He addressed several key considerations in selecting your product’s development and outcome.  Download his presentation and of over a dozen of his files from basic concepts to advanced material physical property grids here in “Warren’s Workshop”!

MAY 5/12/16:  App Development by “Tethr” tethr

Skyler Ramirez, CEO and  Rodrigo Leon, Co-Founder discussed their experiences throughout the process of conceptualizing and building a mobile application.  Tethr aims to improve the experience of shopping for services for customers and the networking and customer receiving process for businesses by connecting the two in real time in several innovative ways.  Basics of app design were discussed as well as more advanced features and development processes, followed by a Q&A session.

APRIL 4/14/16:  Sourcing & Market Research

Local inventor and entrepreneur Jesse “J.P.” Morgan of of Morgan Manufacturing LLC and Morgan Security Consulting explained taking an idea from concept to product to recent dealings with some heavy hitters including Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.  Informational instructions, links, and “Harrington’s hints” were shared and discussed.

MARCH 3/14/16:  Licensing Your Idea – Live Webinar with Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

Jim Debetta was VP of Retail Distribution for TV Goods which is owned by Kevin Harrington from the ABC show Shark Tank. Jim now specializes in coaching and consulting for inventors and consumer products start-up companies as president of DeBetta Enterprises. See more:

Bryan Durkin is an author, marketer, and developer specializing in Sales Acceleration Technology planning, implementation and coaching/support. He is also Principal & Chief Sales Officer at New Line 360, a sales accelerator. See more:

FEBRUARY 2/11/16:  Paul Morinville (click for LinkedIn profile) Updates on the Past and Current State of Patent Laws and Pending Legislation.

Paul MorinvillePaul Morinville is Managing Director and chairman of US Inventor, Inc. (click for link), which is an inventor organization working in Washington DC and around the US to advocate for strong patent protection for inventors and startups.  He is also CEO of OrgStructure, LLC, an early stage enterprise middleware provider in Northwest Indiana.

United Inventors Association of America

Paul is also a board member of The United Inventors of America and an independent inventor himself, with dozens of patents and pending patent applications in enterprise software.  Paul also works  in Litigation Consulting to help patent owners monetize their ideas!


 JANUARY 1/14/16:  Product Design: Project Engineer Tom Whiteside of HF Scientific TomWhitesideInc. demonstrated the ins & outs of designing your product.  From simple to complex; plastics to metals, tangible to computer modeling; prototyping to final design; Tom shared it all.


DECEMBER 12/10/15:  Local Patent Attorney John Cunniff of Huhn Law: How to John CunniffConduct Your Own Patent Search.  Save time and money by doing your own research before hiring an attorney or seeking prototypes, licensing deals, sales, or manufacturing!  John’s articles and publications (link)

NOVEMBER 11/12/15:  Manufacturing Your Product: Working With Moldings for Production

OCTOBER 10/8/15:  Cathy Solich: “Horror Stories” of Inventing and Bringing Products to Market

SEPTEMBER 9/10/15:  Martin Cain: Non-Traditional Patents: Updates on How to Protect Ideas and Processes in addition to Products and Designs  

 AUGUST 8/27/15:  Patents: Past, Present, and FutureRandy L

Randy Landreneau, the founder of the Independent Inventors of America, a national inventors group dedicated to the education of inventors and the protection of inventor rights. The primary members of Independent Inventors of America are the officials and memberships of over 40 non-profit inventor groups across America.  Randy is also the former President and current board member of the Tampa Bay Inventors Council and President of Complete Product Development, a company that does new product design, prototyping, and short run production, and an inventor himself with three patents.

Randy discussed the current climate for patents and their use by inventors and corporations.  He reviewed recent patent legislation and what it means to inventors, innovators, and those of you seeking protection or already owning a patent(s).  Protecting your idea is more important now than ever and Randy is one of the nation’s utmost experts in this field.


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