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Volunteer as a Judge for the 2017 Thomas A. Edison Regional Science & Inventors Fair (TAERSIF)

Join us the morning of Feb. 8th at FGCU for this is an AMAZING experience as we interact with and encourage our youth as they present their innovative ideas, projects, research, and prototypes.  It’s encouraging to see what these K-12 aspiring entrepreneurs come up with!!  Thousands of dollars are on the line in grants and awards, and your help is sincerely welcome.  Click HERE to VOLUNTEER and the title for more info.

Jim Debetta as an investor on CNBC’s “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor” Season 2, episode 203, “Toy Tycoons”

Jim hosted one of our meetings in the spring of 2016 and looks forward to returning to discuss inventing, developing and marketing and marketing ideas as functioning money-making businesses!!  One of our Bright Bulbs indeed.  Check out the episode by clicking the title link above!

Jim Debetta’s 10 Steps To Inventing Handout

A FANTASTIC guide to moving your idea to making $$ money!  If only everybody who attends our meetings knew this, we’d be so far ahead of the game!!

FREE Download by clicking the title.


Kevin Harrington’s Inner Circle

For the Price of an afternoon workshop or webinar this offers a monthly access to far more.  Worth looking into.  No affiliation with EIA.  One of our speakers does work with Kevin’s brother, who is also into product development and sales.  Inquire with us if interested in knowing more.

FREE CLASS: “the Lean Startup” by Steve Blank (click here)

The SAME course taken by FGCU Business students take as part of their academic Entrepreneurial track.  18 lectures & 6 hours of video including Eric Reis, author of renowned “The Lean Startup”.  Register for FREE on

REAL companies are looking for YOUR IDEAS!

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss at InventRight has done wonderful things to assist the average inventor – most of which is FREE!!  See this HUGE directory of companies in 32 product categories and contact info for each who are seeking idea submissions.  They market a 1:1 coaching system separately, but we advise you look into all the free material, especially if inventing and product development is new to you:

*InventRight is not to be confused with InventHELP which solicits money on TV just to hear your idea.  Do your research!


Small Business Development Center, Fort MyersEvents – click here

35+ events listed, many FREE !

Topics include: Access to Technologies, Business Start-up Assistance, Financing, Managing, Customer Relations, Marketing & Sale, even Government Contracting for bid!!  They can also help you start your business filings and offer 1 on 1 consultation, also free.


CNBC’s New Series: Make Me a Millionaire Inventor – Watch Full Episodes online FREE

Article on Episode 3, aired 8/26/15 (click here): George and Deanne team up with entrepreneurs who are looking to revolutionize two well-known products. A Puerto Rican resident, John Perdue, who has dedicated himself to supporting his wife’s dream, now focuses on the Packbow, a reinvention of an age-old hunting tool. Meanwhile, Enayat Motahedy of Centreville, VA, looks to launch the Twisty Tint, a sophisticated variation on the car window shade.


 Tampa Bay Inventors CouncilOur Neighbors to the North have a well-established Inventor’s Non-Profit Organization with many free resources.  Please check their site via the blue underlined link.  Our recent speaker Randy Landreneau is a past president and current board member. 

Check out their NEWSLETTERS (click here) available for FREE Download filled with great information and shared openly to us all!!  THANKS TBIC!!

Stephen Key @ Tampa Bay Inventor’s Councel (24 mins)

Steven is an expert on product licensing and taking your ideas to companies.  He covers how to get in the door and find out if your idea is well-received by the market.  Do this BEFORE spending $$$ on prototypes, patents (read up on the “provisional patent”), and intensive product development, only to find out a year later nobody wants it or it needs to change.  Get companies on board now!


An example of a “lame-pay” idea solicitation to beware of:

2015 Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Pitch Room Wild Card Competition, in partnership with

$10,000 Food & Drink Idea Contest!! +’s article describing it.

EIA’s Take:

$10,000 sounds exiting right!!?

Perhaps, but with limitations…

This contest can be great practice in presenting and sales.  It consists of several levels and styles of presenting your idea to Samuel Adams, with only the winner receiving $10,000 however not a penny more.

From the General Rules (link above):

“The finalists and winner hereby grant to The Boston Beer Company, Brewing the American Dream, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. and Accion the exclusive right without further compensation to the finalists or winner, in any manner or media whatsoever, including without limitation, the right to print in newsletters, press releases, magazines, or any other similar communications of The Boston Beer Company, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. or Accion.”

If you participate and give your idea to them and win (or even lose), THEY keep the idea and you get nothing (else).  How much do you think your idea could be worth on the open market to them and (other companies – their competition)? According to the Craft Brew market alone brought in $19.6 BILLION in 2014.

These types of contests exist all over and while we commend their entrepreneurial spirit, please be cautious and read the fine print.

At EIA, we meet and share our experiences and information so you can learn protect your idea and negotiate it with companies who will treat you right when you know what to say, how to say it, as well as what NOT to say.