About Us



We are a group of various individuals residing in SW Florida.  Our members consist of:

  • Inventors: some with 1 patent, others with dozens.  Many have products selling on store shelves and online.
  • Product and Process Innovators
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Skilled tradesmen in various fields
  • Designers and producers of tangible products such as textiles, metals, plastics, wood, composite materials, etc.
  • Authors, bloggers, experts in various fields
  • Full time & night/weekend innovators.  You don’t have to quit your job to make your idea happen!
  • New members with nothing more than an idea and questions
  • Multiple participants on ABC’s show SHARK TANK.


We share and discuss all aspects of taking a great idea and learning what to do with it including:

  • Monthly meetings and board meetings to provide education and networking opportunities.
  • Monthly casual discussion meetups over food & drink.
  • Provide an online community beyond the SW Florida area to answer your questions and guide you in your journey.
  • Deliver a variety of exciting and innovative presenters on all topics innovation, inventing, startup, and entrepreneur.
  • Raise money to help innovators and inventors including local youth.
  • Create public awareness of legal regulations, requirements, and limits on how you execute your idea, product, and/or business effectively and safely.
  • Link you with other organizations, groups, experts, and experienced individuals that can help.
  • Offer the chance for you to share your experiences, tips, discoveries, information, (and yes, struggles) with others so we can each learn from each other!!
  • Provide and educate on the TOOLS and LEGAL INSTRUMENTS needed including the use of:

– patents (utility & design) –

– provisional patents –

– non-disclosure and non-compete agreements –

– trademarks –

– copyrights –

– licensing agreements & contracts –


We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the The Crowne Plaza 13051 Bell Tower Dr, Ft Myers.

Board meetings meet on the 1st Thursday at The Crowne Plaza 13051 Bell Tower Dr, Ft Myers.

Casual Meetups on the last Thursday of each month at The Crowne Plaza 13051 Bell Tower Dr, Ft Myers.

For details click here or above:   Meeting Times & Locations



We meet and share our experiences for many reasons:

  1. EDUCATION:  Through local meetings and this website and discussion forum the EIA exists to help you find answers.  Often we find more questions during our search.  Learning and knowing what to do is critical to success and conquering mental, financial, legal, and logistical roadblocks that can and far too often stop people from success.  We enjoy helping others succeed where we have seen success as well as struggled.
  2. INSPIRATION:  Often ideas seem to be lofty “pie in the sky” aspirations, but…They CAN & DO HAPPEN!!  Seeing local residents and hearing their stories and input is priceless.  There are millionaires in our group, although they may not tell you outright.  Our members are what makes the seemingly unrealistic DOABLE!
  3. NETWORKING:  During each meeting you are given an option to briefly introduce yourself, your experience, and your goals.  Your Experience can be none!  We love helping new innovators take the first steps!  Your Goals may be seeking knowledge in a specific market area, what to do with my idea, protecting it, selling it, starting a business with it, etc.  We do NOT need to know your idea and you MUST properly protect it before publicly declaring it to anybody.
  4. EFFICIENCY:  It is unrealistic if not impossible to do it all alone, with the exception of the rare expert who knows exactly what to do and how to do it.  We strive to be first to market and best on the market.  Ideas too often wither and die in safes and between our ears.  The right balance of speed and effectiveness leads to success.
  5. ACTION:  Our dreams are only dreams until put into action!  This group supports one another in taking the right steps!  Get that encouraging phone call, pat on the back, and applause as you move forward!
  6. SAFETY:  Protecting your idea while taking action is critical to your success and ability to work with others (and sleep at night).  Outside of someone else potentially stealing or copying your idea, there are many companies out there that promise to market your ideas to investors and companies or even patent it for you, but first want your money!!  Some are legit, but many are not.  Contests are often asking for ideas and should also be looked at with caution.  The right knowledge can be the difference between being left empty-handed or taken advantage of, or doing business with the big dog companies and getting treated (and paid) fairly.
  7. AFFORDABILITY: The EIA is a Non-Profit organization that exists for members to help one another.  Membership dues are kept as low as possible for the purposes of keeping the doors open while helping those who need it.  We help you move your idea forward affordably while avoiding the many pitfalls that can deplete your savings under the best intentions without knowing better.  Our financial statements are available upon request and frequent financial reviews of the organization occur per bylaws and procedures.  A system of checks and balances is being designed so that you know your dues are going to the right places.
  8. DEMOCRACY:  Our Bylaws and Operating Procedures are openly available and we operate “by the people for the people”, but with even greater transparency and clear organization.  See below:


Click the blue link below to download the current and recently completed By-Laws.  Keep in mind that these are basic whereas our SOP “Standard Operating Procedures” are currently in progress and will address the detailed operations of our organizations.  Please contact us with any questions, comments, and input!  This organization is BY and FOR each of us!!

EIA By-Laws 6-30-15


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